From the streets of Bloomsbury in London to the lagoons and forests of Neverland, and the decks of Captain Hook's Jolly Roger ... the adventures of Peter Pan is a colourful, fast-moving musical adventure featuring all the favourite characters from JM Barrie's story and made famous by the various movies.

This production of Peter Pan also introduces our new video backcloth - or "Wonderwall" - which will make you believe that Peter is really flying.



Our storyteller sets the scene. There is nothing quite so like LONDON UNDER STARLIGHT. In the nursery of the Darling’s Household, Nana the Dog is "helping" Mrs Darling get the children Wendy, John and Michael to bed. Mr and Mrs Darling have a dinner party to attend, and Nana is baby-sitting. Mrs Darling sings a lullaby MY LITTLE DARLINGS to her children.

Once the parents have left, Peter Pan sneaks in through the window. He is looking for his shadow which had been caught by Nana the dog last time he was there. Wendy wakes up and after helping Peter stick his shadow back on agrees to fly with him to Neverland, much to the perturbation of the jealous Tinker Bell. Wendy insists that her brothers come too, and with the assistance of some fairy dust they all fly off to Neverland. 

In Neverland the Lost Boys hide as we meet the fearful Captain Hook, and his pirates – including the ship’s mate Smee. Hook admits his fear of crocodiles - not of all crocodiles just the one that bit off his hand while he was fighting Peter Pan; the one who swallowed a clock, and spends the rest of the time looking to eat the rest of him. Hook hatches a plan to capture the Lost Boys and their leader, his arch-nemesis Peter Pan. 

The mischievous Tinker Bell persuades one of the Lost Boys to shoot Wendy out of the sky. Peter is furious. News arrives that the Princess Tiger Lily of the Indian tribe has been left her to drown at Marooners' Rock. 

At Marooners' Rock the MERMAIDS DANCE, and in the lagoon below Peter Pan manages to trick the pirates into releasing Tiger Lily, and she invites everyone to the Indian Camp to join in a celebration party later that night. Hook is angry that he has been tricked again, and vows revenge.  He plans to capture Wendy, John and Michael.

While Peter is asleep at his hideout, the home underground, Hook enters silently and poisons Peter’s medicine. Tinker Bell tries to warn him but Peter refuses to believe her. In a last ditch attempt to save his life, Tinker Bell drinks the whole bottle. Peter Pan knows that when a child somewhere in the world says that they don’t believe in fairies anymore, another fairy dies. The only way to rescue Tink and make her better is to get all the children to say they believe. BELIEVE IN ME 

Up on the deck of the Jolly Roger, Peter finds Wendy tied to the mast and the boys lined up to walk the plank. In a final battle to the death, Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, the Darlings and the Indian braves defeat the pirates and Hook is finally eaten by the Crocodile. Wendy says that it is time she went to back home to her family. Peter is sad as he turns the wheel of the Jolly Roger and sets sail for London. LONDON UNDER STARLIGHT (reprise). 

Back in the Nursery of the Darling household, Mrs Darling keeps a lonely vigil while Mr Darling is asleep in Nana’s kennel. She sings MY LITTLE DARLINGS and one by one the children arrive back from their adventuring, along with the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily, Indian tribe, a few pirates  … and of course - PETER PAN – the boy who never grew up!

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